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Dausu šeimos literatūros premija

This award was created by the Lithuanian Canadian Foundation. It honours the testamentary intentions of the late Aldona Dausa-Empakeris to establish a literary prize which promotes Lithuanian literature


Learn more about Aldona Dausa-Empakeris


For all submission queries please contact:
Dausa Prize Submissions Coordinator

Rasa Bagdonavičienė


Tel.: +370 63062549



PRIZE: annual


12,500 - 5,000 Eu


a.  The founders of the Dausa Family Lithuanian Literature Prize are the Lithuanian Canadian Foundation and Aldona Dausa-Empakeris.  This annual prize was established in honour of her family who emigrated to Canada from Lithuania after World War II.  The Prize will be awarded for the first time in 2023.

b.  Three prizes will be awarded annually for original published books of high artistic merit written in the Lithuanian language or translated into Lithuanian.  

c.  Dausa Family Lithuanian Literature Prizes will be awarded in 2023 in the following categories:  

  •  A Prize of 12,500 euros for an original fiction book written and published in Lithuanian.

  • A Prize of 12,500 euros for an original fiction book written in another language, translated into and published in Lithuanian. The Prize will be divided between the author (70%) and the translator (30%).

  • A Prize of 5,000 euros for the first published original book (debut work) written in Lithuanian or translated into Lithuanian by a beginning author and published in Lithuanian.  For a translated work, the Prize will be divided between the author (70%) and the translator (30%).

d.  Publishers of the Prize winning books will also receive a payment of 1,000 euros, once they have submitted an appropriate distribution/publicity plan for the Dausa Prize and their Prize winning books to the Dausa Prize Submissions Coordinator.

a.  Each year, an Evaluation Committee for the Dausa Family Lithuanian Literature Prize will be appointed by the Lithuanian Canadian Foundation.  The Evaluation Committee will be responsible for reviewing the submitted works and recommending the Dausa Prize recipients, for approval by the Lithuanian Canadian Foundation.  

b.  The Evaluation Committee may recommend not awarding a Prize in a specific category if it considers that there were no worthy books submissions.  

a.  To be eligible, a book must be an original, published first-edition work of fiction written in the Lithuanian language or translated into Lithuanian.  In the case of a translation, the author must be of Lithuanian descent. Collections of poetry are not eligible for the prize.   

b.  Books must be published in Lithuanian in the prior three calendar years.  For the 2023 awards, that is between January 1, 2020, and December 31, 2022.  

c.  The Prize is awarded to authors living in Lithuania or abroad.  

d.  Posthumous submissions are not accepted.  

e.  Applications may be submitted by:
   — publishers from any country,
   — the Lithuanian Writers’ Union,
   — the Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore, and
   — a Lithuanian organization outside of Lithuania, which is recognized by units or divisions of the World Lithuanian Community.  

f.  Publishers or organizations may submit no more than one (1) book per category each year.  

g.  The Prize can be awarded again to the same author only after five (5) calendar years have passed since any prior award. 

a.  Entries must be submitted to the Dausa Prize Submissions Coordinator between October 1st and October 31st, 2023.  

b.  Each entry must include the following:
   —  Completed Application form;
   —  Recommendation for awarding the Prize, which contains a brief evaluation of                 the candidate’s book;
   —  Five (5) copies of the submitted book or an electronic version of the book;
   — Author’s consent for the use of personal data (completed form);
   — A jpg of the author (with photo credit) and a jpg of the book cover sent by                     e-mail that can be reproduced for use in print and online.  

c.  No submitted books will be returned to the publishers or organizations.

d.  The individuals / organizations submitting the entries are responsible for the accuracy of the data provided in the application. 

The winners of the Dausa Family Lithuanian Literature Prize will be announced at a ceremony in Vilnius, Lithuania in the first half of 2024. 

All enquiries should be directed to:
Rasa Bagdonavičienė
Dausa Prize Submissions Coordinator
Lithuanian Writers Union
Tel.: +370 63062549

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