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At the first Board meeting after the Annual Members’ Meeting, the Board selects Directors to serve as the Foundation’s Officers and as members of the Grants and Investments Committees.

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The officers of the Foundation include the Board Chair, Corporate Secretary, Treasurer and Managing Director.

Board Chair

Corporate Secretary

Managing Director


Dr. A. Pabedinskas

A. Čepas

 G. Ignaitis

V. Jonušonis

Grants Committee

The Grants Committee is made up of at least three Directors appointed by the Board of Directors and up to three members appointed by the Lithuanian Canadian Community National Executive.

The Grants Committee evaluates grant and scholarship applications, as well as project proposals received by the Foundation and makes recommendations to the Board regarding funding disbursements.   


LCF Member

LCF Member

LCF Member

V. Zubrickas

 J. Ažubalis

 I. Žukauskas

V. Peczulis

Investments Committee

The Investments Committee is made up of the Treasurer, at least two other Directors and any others appointed by the Board of Directors.

The Investments Committee assesses and recommends investment strategies, policies, and investment types for investing the Foundation’s endowed capital.




A. Kaminskas

V. Jonušonis

A. Mačiulis

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